Are you working for a foundation or INGO in the development sector and do you recognize the questions in the visuals on this page? Then we invite you to come and be inspired at the ‘Domestic Resource Mobilisation’ event on 29 September next, organized by Change the Game Academy and Disrupt Development.

The localization and decolonization agenda is increasingly gaining momentum within the international development sector. Organizations increasingly call to address systemic power imbalance and shift away from top-down, short-term ways of working. There is a growing group of INGOs and funders who are rethinking their role and practices.

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To ensure local buy-in and ownership, domestic resource mobilization should be the starting point of any successful development intervention. It refers to all resources – in money, time, and in-kind, that come from communities themselves. The Change the Game Academy network, consisting of partners from 13 countries, has more than a decade of experience supporting domestic resource mobilization at the community level.

Podcasts: hear stories of change

In a three-part podcast series, Disrupt Development and Change the Game Academy present you stories of the brave who dare to change the game of funding development, finding creative and entrepreneurial ways to source their funding locally and transcend the toxic dependency on western donors.

This event is a collaboration between Change the Game Academy and Disrupt Development.