Wilde Ganzen Foundation steers with six core values.

Cooperation on equal terms

Our partnerships are based on a mutual trust in each other’s qualities and skills. A partnership requires the signing of a collaboration agreement between a project country’s community-based organization (CBO), its Dutch/Belgian Private Development Initiative (PDI) and Wilde Ganzen Foundation. All partners should be able to work independently from each other. The CBO and its Dutch/Belgian PDI have their own boards and management without overlap.


We all have a role to play in transparency toward stakeholders and donors. This increases the reliability of an organization. We will verify that all organizations (in the Netherlands and abroad) are formally registered and have a bank account with more than one signatory. We cross-communicate with all project partners so that everyone is on the same page. Wilde Ganzen Foundation donors receive a report on every project.

Primary stakeholder involvement

The primary stakeholders (beneficiaries) are central to our work. We work with CBOs who are physically near these beneficiaries. We consider the project’s level of inclusivity. We want to support the local economy. So, we don’t contribute to the shipping of products (such as computers) from the Netherlands or Belgium unless materials are not available within the project’s country.

Focus on long term impact

We consider the long term sustainability of a project, and that of its CBO. We believe a strong and healthy organization will be able to deliver a long term impact.

That is why we support the organizational development of our CBO partners. Though, in order to be sustainable, a project won’t rely on our support of day to day or recurring costs. It also means we won’t support emergency projects (yet we do support rebuilding).

After a project’s successful completion, it is possible to commence a multiple year partnership with Wilde Ganzen Foundation.

Small projects, big impact

We focus on small projects with a major impact. Many projects move forward with small steps. And all together, these gains create a big difference. We use set timeframes of 12 months for fundraising and 12 months for project execution. In this way, it remains manageable. We also understand that projects take place in complex circumstances. Together we always strive to solve these challenges!


We value the unique partnerships between us, Dutch/Belgian PDIs and CBOs. We work together to increase the support base for this kind of project. Together also means learning together. We find it important to continuously discuss challenges, solutions, dreams and ideas.