Strategic plan 2024 – 2026

Strategic plan 2024 Wilde Ganzen Back to basicsWilde Ganzen fights poverty by supporting the small-scale, concrete projects of local partner organisations. We are unique on two fronts: cooperation with private development initiatives (PDIs) in the Netherlands and local fundraising in the Global South. And we co-initiated the debate on the theme of shift the power in the Dutch sector of international cooperation.

The choices we are making for the coming years are based on people-centred principles, localisation and shift the power.

You can read all about our goals in the Strategic Plan 2024 – 2026: Back to basics.


Annual report 2022

After the lockdown years of the Corona pandemic, the world opened up again in 2022. It was wonderful to meet ‘live’ and re-establish contacts: with colleagues in the office, numerous PDIs, and the international friends and partner organisations we work with intensively. This gave extra sparkle to Wilde Ganzen’s 65th anniversary, which we celebrated modestly this year.

We funded 273 projects in 2022

With a total of 273 supported projects, we exceeded all expectations. In terms of content, we worked steadily on further improving quality, making projects and organisations more sustainable, and improving local communities’ long-term involvement and collaboration on an equal footing.