For more than 65 years, Wilde Ganzen Foundation has had a mission to reduce poverty, and we do not do this alone. All over the world people create change by rolling up their sleeves. With small, smart projects, innovative people are bringing about change and development in their own communities. Local changemakers tackle these smart projects together with Dutch and Belgian private initiatives.

Wilde Ganzen Foundation supports these changemakers who are advancing their community by improving social services. From clean drinking water to inclusive education, and from medical care to financial independence. We support them with knowledge, a strong network and money, and we will continue to do so.

But we go one step further. Where we previously supported mainly projects, we now want to strengthen the organizations behind the projects through long-term collaboration. So that together we can achieve sustainable, meaningful change.

Our approach

  • Coach and fund changemakers
    We stimulate community initiatives in developing countries set in motion by dedicated people. We support a range of small-scale projects with funding, advice, expertise, and a network. There’s enormous potential for locally-led fundraising in low- and middle-income countries. Every community has the resources available to drive the change they envision. From that belief Wilde Ganzen set up Change the Game Academy which supports grassroots changemakers in learning how to productively mobilize local funds as well as domestic and international stakeholders.
  • Advocate for favorable local giving conditions
    Domestic resource mobilization achieves locally-led development and shifts the power in inter­national cooperation. Through a five-year partnership program ‘Giving for Change’, supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we promote this momentum with some of the sector’s leading organizations.
  • Motivate Dutch citizens to contribute to overseas community development
    At Wilde Ganzen Foundation, we promote global citizenship. The key challenges our projects address, such as climate change, water supply and health care, do not stop at the borders of countries. A key goal of ours is to tell stories that do justice to the work of the world’s changemakers. In the Netherlands and Belgium we creatively work with our supporters, donors and partners to stimulate, engage, and involve citizens with our work and their world.