Every year we support hundreds of small-scale projects with money, advice, expertise and our network. And every year we report on this in detail in our annual report.

Strategic plan 2023 – 2025

Back to basiscs Wilde Ganzen fights poverty by supporting the small-scale, concrete projects of local partner organisations. We are unique on two fronts: cooperation with private development initiatives (PDIs) in the Netherlands and local fundraising in the Global South. And we co-initiated the debate on the theme of shift the power in the Dutch sector of international cooperation.

The choices we are making for the coming years are based on people-centred principles, localisation and shift the power.

You can read al about our goals in the Strategic Plan 2023 – 2025: Back to basics.


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Annual report 2021

The coronavirus pandemic in 2021 meant that we were again faced with great uncertainties, having to constantly adapt and switch between the office and home office. Fortunately, we were easily able to keep in touch with our partner organisations online. At the same time, we missed real life encounters, which hampered team building, learning, innovation and networking.

In total, we funded 268 projects in 2021

It was all the more gratifying that the Wilde Ganzen Partner Day was able to go ahead live with 270 participants from 200 PDIs, who rated the day an 8.5 – the highest score ever. Last year we paid more attention to the involvement of local communities in developing countries, the strength of their LPOs, and long-term cooperation. We also chose 15 focus countries, where partners are given additional opportunities for learning together, collaboration and organisational strengthening. In total, we funded 268 projects, slightly more than planned.


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