Wilde Ganzen aims to reach as many social changemakers around the world as possible, to provide them with essential funding and learning for their cause. To expand our impact, we work closely with partners such as INGOs and foundations, to support their partners.

We welcome collaboration in four areas:


Our aim is to maximize the number of social changemakers we reach and provide with essential funding and learning for their cause and community building. Our established and experienced national partner organizations carry out our work with hundreds of CBOs, non-profits, self-help groups and small NGOs in 14 countries.


We support Global South organizations with matching grants. After participating in our local fundraising training through our national partner organizations in 14 countries, organizations can double funds that they’ve raised locally.

Impact training

We have extensive experience training and coaching constituencies of INGOs and foundations, to expand impact. Our Change the Game Academy initiative enables organizations such as KidsRights, Misereor, Bread for the World, Sparkassenstiftung and Both Ends to teach and mentor their boots-on-the-ground and online members. They can use our online learning courses and materials, live classroom training and a complete train-the trainer program on local fundraising with a pool of 150 experienced local and master trainers based in Asia, Africa and Latin America.


We also welcome those funders and NGOs that want to learn more about #ShiftthePower: a grassroots initiative that works from a more equal power balance, localization of services and related subjects.

We would be delighted to support you in any way possible or connect you with inspiring examples of this movement.


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