Are you a community-based organization (CBO), NGO, non-profit, school, clinic, or another legal entity in an OECD DAC-listed country? And are you partnered with a Dutch or Flemish organization? Please inform your partner and let them contact us! Please be aware that for us to partner together you need a Dutch or Belgian PDI.

We believe that local ownership stimulates community participation to create meaningful change. We always work with a local CBO partnered with an officially registered Dutch or Belgian organization. This combination leads to a joint initiative’s sustainable results.

We support your project

Do you have an initiative that has an opportunity to improve the strengths and independence of a local organization and its community? Your project could be around construction, sustainable agriculture or another service. We will support your initiative with grants, training, organizational capacity development as well as lobbying and advocacy activities.

We call these registered organizations Private Development Initiatives (PDI). The PDI raises funds in the Netherlands or Belgium to contribute to your community-based organization’s project.

Terms for Collaboration

Wilde Ganzen Foundation works toward a sustainable approach and partnership based on transparency and equality. Our terms explore if we (you, your partner, the project, and Wilde Ganzen Foundation) are a match.


Read the full terms for collaboration (pdf)