A group of 150 talented Indian girls have received a year of intensive counseling. They were supported in finding the study of their dreams. Some of them have obtained government jobs and can now mobilize support for the rights of other women.

The Indian economy is growing, education is improving and more young people are obtaining a better life than their parents. Yet those girls born in poor rural areas do not get the same opportunities as those from wealthier families. These girls receive fewer lessons in reading and writing and often have to care for siblings at an early age. Most marry at a young age and become mothers.

Girls turn ambition into action

There are so many smart girls eager to study. Their ambition is not to have children quickly or do housework: they want to study, have an opportunity for a nice job and to help other women.

The Sigaram Academy of Excellence is committed to equal rights for women. Their motto: women can change society. This Indian organization helps ambitious girls put their ideas and wishes into action. To do this, the girls must partake in social and political discussions.

Coaching, application assistance and leadership training

Coached intensively for a year by Sigaram, a cohort of the girls from impoverished families prepared themselves to pass a university entrance examination. The Sigaram Academy helped them apply for scholarships, loans and coached them during their studies.

Sigaram steered another group of girls so that they could complete high school; they can now find government jobs. Moreover, one hundred girls received leadership training, so they can promote and advocate for women’s interests at local and regional levels.

The project will reach more young women in the future

Wilde Ganzen Foundation supported Sigaram Academy’s actions together with the Dutch organization, Foundation Ladder. This project will be able to continue independently for a few years. Due to this layered approach many more young women’s lives and their communities will experience positive change.