Wilde Ganzen Foundation promotes global citizenship, because the consequences of poverty, the climate crisis, conflicts & wars and health crises ignore country borders. People in different parts of the world are more connected than ever, and have a shared responsibility in addressing these global challenges.

Part of our work is therefore, to raise awareness in the Netherlands and Europe on global issues, their impact in different parts of the world and their interconnectedness with our western way of living.

Storytelling and framing

One way of promoting global citizenship is to tell stories that do justice to the work of social changemakers and the circumstances in project countries. Positive, people-centered stories shed  light on the lasting change that civil society organizations create. Therefore , we organize training on storytelling, successful campaigns, and the inclusion of voices from the Global South for our partners in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Check the Frame, Voice, Report! Toolkit

Engaging Dutch and Belgian citizens

In the Netherlands and Belgium, we involve and engage our supporters and donors on global issues. We organise training, information and fundraising campaigns, and facilitate knowledge exchange and events. Topics include local ownership and equal relations in international cooperation.

Together with partners in Europe, we initiated the European Network for Citizens’ Initiatives in Global Solidarity (European Network for Citizen Initiatives in Global Solidarity). This network’s mission is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experience and good practices among its members. It unites organizations that support citizen engagement in local sustainable development everywhere.

Sustainable development goals: world wide actions

All the activities of Wilde Ganzen Foundation are rendered towards the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. The SDGs are a worldwide to-do list for a sustainable and fair world by 2030. The SDGs are goals relevant for all countries, so not only low- and middle income countries. There is still a lot to do in the Netherlands and Europe as well.