We have supported joint initiatives all over the world through grantmaking – for 65 years. If you’re a community-based organization in a Global South country, we can combine forces with you and your Dutch or Belgian fundraising partners for leapfrog growth.

We have different approaches, depending on the partnership stage:

Small grant

A small project grant that offers a maximum budget of €6.000. To qualify, the Dutch/Belgian organization will join online peer-to-peer sessions to improve proposal and fundraising strategies. Next, the participants peer-review each other’s proposals. Then they submit their final proposal.

If we decide to collaborate, the Dutch/Belgian partner will fundraise half the budget and transfer it to Wilde Ganzen Foundation. We then will transfer the full budget, with our contribution, to the community-based partner in the project country. This means, if your budget is €5.000, both the Dutch/Belgian private initiative and Wilde Ganzen Foundation will each contribute €2.500 to the project. This funding model is only meant for new partners and is awarded only once.

Big grant

Is it the first time you’re applying for Wilde Ganzen Foundation project funding? Or has it been more than three years since we worked together? Then apply, together with your Dutch/ Belgian partner for a project grant.

We will consider projects that support our mission: to eradicate poverty. That means Wilde Ganzen Foundation can strengthen all kinds of projects, from education, to health care to income generating activities. The maximum project budget is €45.000. Wilde Ganzen Foundation will contribute one third of the budget. Your Dutch/Belgian partner and yourself raise the other two-thirds.

This means that if a project budget is €15.000, your Dutch/Belgian partner and you in your own country raise €10.000. Wilde Ganzen Foundation will contribute the other €5.000.

After a successful collaboration, you can apply for another project with a maximum budget of €300.000 or discuss the option of program funding with us.

Program funding

If we have successfully completed a project together, we can consider a program partnership. In this case, we can collaborate for two or three years. If we come to a program partnership, Wilde Ganzen Foundation will contribute one third of the budget and you and your partner will raise the other two-thirds. Program funding can have a maximum yearly budget of €300.000.